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The buddhi (intellect) resides within this sheath, which provides the capacity to reason, deduce, discriminate, and discern.
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Female patient, 59 years of age, was diagnosed with breast cancer metastatic, metastases to bone and was treated with ceftin
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Why not take your levothyroxine at bedtime? A small study showed that the drug is absorbed better in the evening (Clinical Endocrinology, January 2007)
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in order to produce interesting play it is necessary to encode {\em strategy} and {\em tactics}, and
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Two treatment strategies for patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) were examined
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Doctors are conducting research on patients, using X-rays and scans of the brain in action, to figure out the causes of Asperger's
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Lymphocytes, which are cells produced in the lymph glands, are essential to the body's production of antibodies used to fight infection