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I actually pay more attention I turn the radio down or off, and I enlist my passengers to keep an eye on the road with me in case they see something I don’t

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” I wouldn’t sell out for less than 10 figures, maybe 11,” he writes with a dash of vainglory

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Though Aubrey protests this ruling, Justin hands the prize to the Treblemakers (the Harmonics also being disqualified because they were singing along with the Bellas).

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When you change your diet and begin to eat healthy food, you get to where an orange is as sweet as you stand

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Note that Iron Dome is programmed to ignore rockets that don’t threaten its priority areas, and many airlines have already reassessed the situation and resumed flights

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Quid dicis, peregrini amoris concessio? Dignus hac iniuria fui?" Postquam se amari sensit^ supercilium altius sustulit

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The reservoir in your pump can be refilled weekly or on some other schedule determined by your oncologist

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In the case of male enhancement patches, the ingredients pass directly through the skin and into the bloodstream to increase overall virility and sexual health in men

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